how to make money by blogging
A lot of Bloggers always struggle to make Money by Blogging and they end up earning nothing. The main reason behind it is they don't know how to monetize their blog the best way that is which method is best suited for their blog. Now, I am gonna tell you how to make money by Blogging in just simple steps and start earning in next 5 minutes.

Best ways to start making Money by Blogging

1. Affiliate Marketing

The Best comes First. Affiliate Marketing is the best way to earn handsome returns with just a few steps. If your blog is niche specific and provides reviews of products,gadgets,fashion,etc. then you can easily convert your views into money.But how?. Affiliate marketing is simply inducing the public to buy product online but through your link or website and in return you get high % of commission as high as 15-20% per sale.Just register yourself with affiliate websites and put the link of product and widgets provided by them to your websites.
The best affiliate websites are:
1. Amazon
2. Flipkart in India
and all such sites.

2. Third Party Affiliate Marketing

It's same as Affiliate Marketing, but you get a variety of choices with products and websites. You directly not get register with affiliate website but other websites which already is connected with hundreds of affiliate websites. They Provide you link and you get a commission on every sale from that link, but the drawback is you get less commission then direct affiliate marketing but trust me its useful.You do not have to register yourself with every site on internet.pheww!
The best website are:
1. Cuelinks
2. Commission Junction
3. Share A Sale

3. Google Ad sense

Google Ad sense is the best and most common way to advertise on you website. It is the safest and the easiest way to make money from your blogs. They pay you on per click basis that is more  number of clicks on their ads more you earn. However google is very strict on selecting their publishers and approve selected one's after checking your website. It's more strict in India and China and requires your website to be at least 6 months old. But once you get approved, you will start earning instantly.

4. Advertising Ads

The most common practice on the internet is Advertising unwanted ads. If you do not get approval on Google Ad sense then you can go for this option. In this, you just need to place script and code of ads and your website becomes advertising machine. hahaha ! Your earning depends on various factors such as the number of clicks on ads, the number of views, etc. Such ads include banner ads, header and footer ads, Pop ups, etc.
The best website which provide everything is
1. Revenue Hits (Genuine, High Payout and no adult Content )
2. Chitika

5. Selling private Ad spaces

It has not gained Popularity but can be the most profitable way. You just ask in local merchants to advertise their product, shop, website,etc on your website and you demand money for it. This works if your website is area specific.

6. Subscription Fees

This can also be the most powerful way to earn and make money blogging. If your blog is an educational blog and you provide exclusive and high-quality information then you can ask your audiences to subscribe to your blog for money. Many blogs are already earning high from it.

7. Donation

Hahaha! The easiest way of all time to make money from your blogs. You can just put donate button on your blog and specify the reason. It's easy to setup a donate button by signing up on PayPal. They provide a special donate button for your blog.

8. Selling your own Products

If you are a fashion Designer, Artifacts seller, etc. you can just sell them on your blogs. Also, if you are not one of those you can still earn by buying from local and selling on your website.

This were the best ways to make money blogging and I am sure this would give you instant results and your blog will generate income for you. If you love this article then please share and comment.
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