India and Weed are inseparable. Quite a few of our holy-men have it, and quite a few of us have it in Holi. Indian Stoners are ruled over by cigarettes which is quiet a deadly drug leading to Cancer. So, here’s why I post a better alternative to it.  

1. Weed doesn't destroy your liver.

Weed doesn’t destroy your liver as alcohols and cigarettes do. Alcoholics please note :D

2. Weed is less harmful than tobacco.

Marijuana's active ingredient THC is less toxic than nicotine and also doesn’t see any signs of CANCER.

3. Weed is not a gateway drug.

Weed is less addictive nicotine, the stuff that's found in tea and cigarettes. (Yes, it’s also found in tea)

4. Weed has proven medical implications.

There are many medical uses of weed and it can relieve joint inflammation, blood sugar, stress, etc. It is also a natural pain reliever.

5. Weed makes you creative.

Weed has been linked to creativity and many creative people tend to have weed. (That doesn’t mean that you should start having weed to get better ideas: P).Now, you know why Bob Marley had it. :P

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